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We are the premier provider of Sports Performance / Fitness Training in the Central Florida Area. Our goal here at KTS is to provide the very best in pushing athletes to their wanted potential.  Our goal is to always deliver results. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Below is a list of our services:


  • Upper Body Strength Training​

  • Lower Body Strength Training

  • Speed Training & Conditioning

  • Energy System Training

  • Mobility and Flexibility 

  • One on One & Group Training

  • Plyometric Power Training

  • High School Combine Prep

  • NFL Combine Prep

  • Strongman Training

  • Firemen, Police and Military Physical Prep





We develop training regimens based on the athlete's weaknesses, and work on improving on those faults as well as strengthening every other physical attribute of the athlete so that they can be the best athlete that they can be.


Here at KTS we train under the Conjugate Method and Triphasic Method by Cal Dietz, which is based on increasing muscle tension by using three methods.


1.  Max Effort Method-  Training at or above your 1 rep max, which makes an athlete stronger and more powerful.


2.  Dynamic Effort Method-  Lifting sub maximal weight, at maximal speed which builds speed and power.


3.  Repetition Effort Method-  Lifting sub maximal weight to failure which builds muscle and muscle endurance.


With this type of training system, it makes it possible to lift at max effort each week all year long.  There is no other system that allows for an athlete to do this type of training.




These are standardized tests used to measure an athletes athletic ability.  Our unique training system will drmatically improve the athletes power, speed and agility.



Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

3 Cone Drill

Pro Agility (20 yard shuttle)

60 Yard Shuttle

10, 20 & 40 yard dash time for Football





We offer one on one personal training sessions that tailor to your specific wants and needs.

Whether it be weight loss, toning, strength training or sports performance, we focus on your goals and turn them into a reality by knowledge from our trainers and hard work from you.


Group Sessions are available to those individuals who work well in group environments and are competitive in nature.  This type of training is likely for athletes or people who are comfortable in a competitive setting and are willing to be challenged physically daily.



This type of training will help the athlete develop their overall speed, strength, power, explosiveness, agility, stamina, conditioning and athleticism.  Thus improving your ability to perform at the highest level in your respective sport/sports.



Our services for weight loss include nutritional advice and strength training combined synergistically with HIIT or circuit type training that helps shed fat rapidly and gain muscle at the same time.

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