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"If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!"




"Since I started training at KTS I have noticed increases in my strength, speed, endurance and balance.  Not only have I made asronomical strides physically, but they have translated into a higher level of performance on the baseball field.  I tell everyone who asks me how I'm getting in such good shape to call Nate and set-up a training session.- Lou



"Not even a month into training with Nate at KTS and I'm already seeing RESULTS.  Nate is a judgment free and motivational trainer. You can't get any better training for the price.  Nate encourages you to push yourself while teaching the proper technique for each exercise." - Dale


"It's not that I wasn't working out before, I've done insanity and that worked okay for me.  But even that gets repetitive after a while.  Working out is hard, sometimes not fun, doing it alone and not seeing results makes it easy to slack off and lose motivation.  I've been training at KTS for one week now and already noticing incredible results.  Nate has everything you would ever need in order to get in shape.  He motivates you, makes you want to workout and when you're finished with your session, you want to come back ASAP.  I've been talking about it non-stop because everyone has noticed the RESULTS.  If you're looking to get into shape, look good and feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror, then KTS is the right program for you!" -Darryl



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